Welcome to Pender DWI Assessment Services and Treatment Centers

DWI Assessment and Treatment
in Hampstead and Pender County, North Carolina

brunswick dwi assessmentsDWI Assessments, Education, and Treatment are now offered in Hampstead, NC in a relaxing, professional, and confidential setting.  We will assist you in sorting out the complicated system of clearing a DWI in North Carolina or an out of state DUI to satisfy DMV or court requirements.

Our agency believes in always doing what’s best for the client, treating folks with dignity, kindness, and respect, with a true helping spirit; as a result, we find success. We are here to help you explore options that work best for you, make referrals if necessary, and help you get through and benefit from our time together. We hope you will even have a little fun as you learn. Addiction touches many people, so the knowledge you can gain from this experience may also be helpful to a family member or friend.

We understand that a DWI Assessment can be a very stressful process.  We try to eliminate as much stress as possible by using our expertise to guide you along the way.  Let us be your anchor.

We will assist you in sorting out the complicated system in clearing a DWI to satisfy DMV requirements, including any e508 problems.  Our staff will provide your attorney, employer (for employer assisted programs), or legal official (only if requested by client) your assessment information within moments following your assessment to expedite your driving privileges, get you back to work (for EAP clients), or comply with legal requirements.


  • DWI Assessments
  • ADETS Classes
  • Short Term Treatment
  • Long Term Treatment
  • Individual Counseling
  • Out of State DWI Compliance
  • DWLR Assessments
  • DMV Evaluations

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