Anyone convicted of a DWI/DUI must complete a substance abuse assessment in order to have their driver license reinstated.

We provide services from assessment, education, and treatment to finalizing your e508 form with the DMV.

Additionally, we will help you and your attorney problem solve any e508 issues.

Your DWI Assessment questions answered:

I need to complete an assessment for my DWI charge and then complete the recommended level of treatment or ADETS (education). Where do I go to do this?

  • You must complete your assessment and recommended treatment or education at an authorized DWI Service Provider.
  • You may choose any provider you’d like, regardless of location.

What documents do I need to bring to the DWI Assessment?

  • A copy of citation (if available)
  • Documentation of Blood Alcohol Content at time of offense
  • Complete Driving Record from North Carolina (
  • Complete driving record from any other states in which you have resided

How much will my DWI Assessment cost?

  • $100

I received a Driving While License Revoked conviction while I was suspended due to a DWI conviction. Does this conviction require another assessment?

  • Yes. An assessment is required through an authorized DWI Service provider. Depending on the results of the assessment, you may be required to complete more treatment.

This information is provided by NC DWI Services, DHHS, MHDDSAS: