Substance Treatment and Counseling Services

Available in both Brunswick County and Pender County

Your Substance Abuse Treatment and Counseling Questions Answered.

How do I know how much, or what type of treatment I need?

  • Upon completion of a comprehensive assessment, clinical interview, and screening tools recommendations for the appropriate level of treatment will be determined.
  • The professional conducting your assessment will inform you of the treatment recommendations, and provide you with the clinical rationale for the level of care recommended.

What type of counseling services do you offer?

  • Short Term Outpatient Treatment – (Minimum of 20 contact hours over a minimum of 30 days)
  • Longer Term Outpatient Treatment – (Minimum of 40 contact hours over a minimum of 60 days)
  • We also offer individual therapy sessions for individuals looking for a more personal therapeutic experience.

How much does substance abuse treatment cost?

Treatment costs are not mandated by statute, and thus vary from agency to agency. Our treatment programs are consistant with the average cost of other treatment providers in our area:

Short Term Outpatient Treatment – $350 (Discounted to $325 if paid in full by first session)

Longer Term Outpatient Treatment – $675 (Discounted to $625 if paid in full by first session)

Individual – $75/Session

Is your substance abuse counseling faith-based?

  • Our treatment philosophy is to provide an eclectic holistic treatment experience. From a holistic view of individuals, we can address many aspects of the individual’s whole self; mind, body, and spirit. During the counseling process it is common to explore an individual’s spirituality and beliefs.
  • We are dedicated to assisting individuals in exploring what works for them, not forcing a set of beliefs or views upon them.

Do you take Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment?

  • Not at this time. However, we can provide you with an itemized statement of your treatment in order for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Most insurance companies will cover Substance Use Disorders if you have a diagnosis.
  • We also offer payment plan options for substance abuse treatment.

What if I need medication?

  • We do not prescribe medications; however, we can work with individuals to provide appropriate referrals for medication management services.

What if I need inpatient treatment or detox?

We offer outpatient services at this facility. If the clinician determines through the assessment process that in patient or detox is the appropriate level of care, then a referral will be made to a qualified provider.

We will assist you with the steps in this process.